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Igor Tsvetkov

What´s the meaning of life?

Actually I don’t know how you are going to do this presentation… But I can say that it would be more interesting for me to talk about art in general, its mission and features, than just about animation. It would also be interesting for me to discuss the topics of violence, death, mysticism, and borderline mental states in art. 

To touch topics of the worldview of a “Western” and “non-Western” person and artist. The topic of the artist’s honesty in front of himself, as well as talk about the differences between propaganda and art. 

Igor Tsvetkov

Born in 1981 in the USSR, Filmmaker, Artist, Musician. No education. Studied with his father. One of the founders of the musical project “Kim and Buran“,  a member of the Berlin blues group “The Late Night Tipplers“. Founder of the video studio focused on the production of fashion, music videos and documentaries. As a videographer has experience of working in war zones. 

He has been working in the genre of hand-drawn animation for over 10 years.  

Animation works (NFT) are in the collections of some well-known artists such as Mr. Oizo (Quentin Dupieux) and Jan Hakon Erichsen

Currently he is a video artist (animation) of the play “WE” in “Deutsche Theater”, Berlin. Director: Maxim Didenko