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Bogdan Pavlovic

Atlas Series

The Atlas series “Another Country” and the map series “Quiet Earth” are result of the long reflection about the relation between inner (subjective) and universal (objective) perception of the world. 

I must say that my youth was marked by the visual world of comic strips. All kind of adventures, stories, historically based or science fiction comics or literature were part of my everyday life as a boy. In that early age, inspired by Hugo Pratt’s hero Corto Maltese, movies like Indiana Jones, or adventure or fiction books by James Oliver Curwood, Jules Vern, J.R.R. Tolkien, etc., I started to draw geographical maps which I fore filled with exotic animals, cities, and adventurers in research of forgotten places.

Much later, when I started my studies at the Beaux Arts School in Paris in the ‘90 and when I confronted myself to the painting, the imaginary world that I left behind in my youth, reappeared on canvases. Those geographical maps were painted in oil with ecological, historical or fictional connotations.

Last 15 years, with the interest for photography my art obtained more documentary character.  Scenes of everyday life with people that I recorded with the camera became a subject of my paintings.  However, strong expressive gesture, need to explore the pictorial matter through unexpected chromatic relation using a lot of oil paste, stayed always the dominant features of my visual language. 

A few years ago by the inner need to put together various pictorial experiences, geography reappeared again in my artistic researches. Atlases and geographical maps proved to be a fertile basis for various visual experiments. In the real atlases and geographical maps, I began to write a new graphical and pictorial identity questioning contemporary world important issues: ecology, politics, identity and territory, women’s rights, sexuality… In the other hand, by drawing scenes from my everyday life into atlases, those scenes became universal it selves. There are also stellar projections and constellations that tell us about the curvature of space, fluctuations of celestial bodies, but also, about modern theory of the Multiverse.

For the purpose of this series, I used a wide range of visual approaches and techniques, (markers, acrylic colours, pencils, graphite, collage…) which is completely in line with the universal properties of the Atlas, which is itself a meeting place of various graphic identities corresponding to different scientific fields: geography, topography, astronomy, economy…

Quiet Earth, map series, 2019

Quiet Earth, map series, 2019

Quiet Earth, map series, 2019

Another Country Atlas pages

Another Country Atlas pages

Another Country Atlas pages

Another Country Atlas pages

YouTube links to Atlas videos:

Another Country Atlas N°3

Another Country – Atlas No 6

Geotomy Atlas

Zoography Atlas

Bogdan Pavlovic

Bogdan Pavlovic was born in 1969 in Belgrade. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts (ENSBA) in Paris in 1997. He works in Paris at La Ruche, historical artistic site.

Pavlovic is a multidisciplinary artist who, in addition to drawing, painting and collage, is also involved in photography, video animation and ambient installation. The experimental aspect in Pavlovic’s work is omnipresent. Through his creations, in an expressive and simple manner, Bogdan Pavlovic makes the connection between the universal and the personal, the documentary and the imaginary.

His works make part part of the following public collections: Lefranc & Bourgeois, Watches Rado France, Zepter Museum, Opel France, Aéroports de Paris, Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Museum of the City of Belgrade.

He produced the monumental drawing “Between”, in collaboration with Studio Van Rijn for the Hyatt Regency Etoile hotel in Paris, in 2018. In 2003, he and his brother, Miško Pavlovic, worked on an exhibition project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of world aviation in the Yugoslav Aviation Museum. He designed the poster for Emir Kusturica’s film “Super 8 Stories” in 2001. In 1994, he painted the model of the OPEL “Tigra” for Salon d’Automobiles in Paris.

Solo exhibitions (selection): 

House of King Peter I – Belgrade, Ozon Gallery – Belgrade, Fondation Atelier de Sèvres – Paris , Villa St-Cyr – Paris, Zepter Foundation Gallery – Berlgrade, ART Gallery Orly Sud – Paris, Center of fine Arts Albert Chanot – Clamart, Haos Gallery – Belgrade,  Florence Touber Gallery Paris, Villa di Bivigliano – Florence

Group shows (selection): 

Fondation La Ruche Seydoux – Alfred Boucher Art Space – Paris, National Car Museum, MAUTO – Torino, Paratissima fair – Torino, Contemporary Art Center 6b – St Denis, Chapelle Saint Sauveur, Issy les Moulineaux, Musée de la Carte à Jouer Issy les Moulineaux, Center for Contemporary Art “La Platforme“ – Paris, Bourse de Commerce de Paris, Orangerie du Sénat – Paris, Karlskrona Kunsthall – Sweden, Coprim Fondation – Paris.


Huré-Bastendorf Prize/Institut de France/Academie Française  2013, Artistes du monde Prize/CROUS Paris 1997, Third prize “ Antoine Marin ”/Paris 1997, Special prize Color Trophy/Lefranc & Bourgeois 1997, Prize for painting Watch Company Rado-France 1994

Internet Site:

Instagram : bogdan.pavlovic.projects