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Behzad Bagheri

From Simplicity to Complexity

We live in a complicated world of different theories and ideas that makes it difficult to get accurate facts. Because of this, I’m looking for ways in life to receive these facts immediately.

For this reason, I attempt to learn to look around simply and rely on the tools that assist me in doing so. One of these tools is watercolor painting and sketching, particularly charcoal sketching.

These tools have improved my ability to communicate with myself, as well as with people, nature, and the objects in my environment. I’m also glad that my work encourages others to experience joy, freedom, and pleasure while also helping them to communicate more freely with themselves and others.

In this video, I describe my perspective on myself, the natural world around me, and the culture in which I live, as well as the function of painting and drawing in this context.

Atigh (Antique) square – Ali minaret

RakibKhane – View from 40Sotoon

Imam Mosque – The Dome

Behzad Bagheri is a Painter, an Urban Sketchers correspondent, and workshop instructor. He’s also a member of the “Iranian Institute for Promotion of Visual Arts”. Earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Tehran University of Art. 

When first began drawing, he used watercolours and sketches to create his first architectural concepts. Soon, aesthetics surpassed functionality, and he found himself painting and sketching for artistic rather than functional, architectural reasons. His work became a way to connect with himself and his surroundings, as well as share and convey these impressions with others.

Have participated in various solo and group shows in Iran and abroad since transforming my work from design to art.